Online meeting on 17 February 2023 (research related meeting)

The second meeting of the project was implemented on 17/02/2023 meeting focus on discussion of the following aspects

a.            Discussing the questionnaire, which is the next phase of the research

b.            Presenting the findings of the desk study

c.            Miscellaneous matters including legislative work currently underway at the EU level

The reports from the different countries contained many similarities related to the presentation of the incentives in place in each country to induce consumers to purchase electric cars and the analysis of the expansion of charging points (which is clearly insufficient in all participating countries). Attention was drawn to the role of the employee information and consultation process within Just Transition and the role of employee training and competence enhancement in the face of technological change (AI, algorithms).

The participants’ statements at the meeting demonstrated the need for a holistic analysis of the Green Deal challenges, not only in the context of environmental goals but also in the current geopolitical situation (Russian aggression against Ukraine and the need for the EU to become independent of Russian raw materials and fuels).  It is also necessary to identify the role of the Recovery and Resilience Plans (taking into account the specific situation in Poland) as a mechanism for green transformation.

The date for the next online meeting has been set for 5 April.

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