“New Normal”- Building Workers’ Post COVID19 Involvement and Consultation Capacity in Transport Undertakings

About the project

The transportation sector has been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To adapt to the “new normal,” transport companies have had to make significant changes. Their focus on moving people and goods around the country has shifted to maintaining a core transportation system with a smaller workforce. Only essential workers are allowed to travel, while others have been placed on short-term working schemes or laid off. These uncertain circumstances have had a negative impact on employees’ conditions and have hindered their involvement in decision-making processes.

Exercising workers’ rights to information, consultation, and participation is crucial in addressing the impact of COVID-19 measures on the labor force. Workers should be involved in the implementation of actions that affect them. Furthermore, maintaining an international network of transportation sector workers is vital as the pandemic has global effects on the sector. Therefore, the proposed project aims to bring together trade unions, employers’ organizations, experts, and field specialists to ensure employees’ involvement and participation in initiatives. The project seeks effective solutions that reflect the needs of transportation sector workers and take into account country-specific issues and considerations.

The project’s goal is to assess the level of workers’ involvement and participation in the transportation sector in relation to the impact of COVID-19 on labor. The project will promote employees’ participation to reduce and overcome the negative effects of COVID-19 measures on transportation sector workers. Additionally, it will establish an international network to support the proper functioning of workers’ rights to information, consultation, and participation.

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